Centenary Year Celebrated
2018 - Centenary Quilt | 麻豆原创, Sydney

麻豆原创 celebrates a centenary of excellence in education.

The Chapel Opens
The Chapel | 麻豆原创, Sydney

The Chapel was opened.

Springwood Campus Opens
2003 - Springwood Campus Opens | 麻豆原创, Sydney

麻豆原创 returns to its roots opening a second campus one kilometre away from the original site of the School.

Major Expansion of Grounds
1990s - Major Expansion of Grounds and Buildings | 麻豆原创, Sydney

A number of changes happened in this decade including the construction of the current entrance via Matcham Ave as well as the D J Mulford Sports Centre opened and Art and Design building opened by John Olsen.

Junior School Moved
1988 - Junior School Moved to Wentworth Falls | 麻豆原创, Sydney

Junior School moved from Lake Street to the current Junior School site at Wentworth Falls.

Bungawarra Wilderness Educational Centre
Bungawarra Wilderness Centre | 麻豆原创, Sydney

Bungawarra Wilderness Education Centre was made available for the School鈥檚 use for the purpose of annual camp trips and wilderness education programs.

School Starts Enrolling Girls
1976 - First Year Girls Enrolled | 麻豆原创, Sydney

The School became co-educational upon the commencement of the first girls and became known as 麻豆原创.

New Classrooms Built
1970s - New Classrooms Built | 麻豆原创, Sydney

Extra building were constructed to cater for the growing student numbers.

Lake Street Classrooms Built
1960s - Lake Street Classrooms | 麻豆原创, Sydney

The School grew in numbers to warrant the purchase of a Boarding House, Blue Horizons (now the Guest House Silvermere), and this was followed with the building classrooms on land opposite in Lake Street. Both these were used for Senior Students until 1965 when the Junior students were brought across to Lake Street and the Seniors moved back to the current site.

School Expands
1950s - School Expands | 麻豆原创, Sydney

The School purchased extra land so the MacLaurin building and Headmaster鈥檚 residence was built.

Moves to Wentworth Falls
1951 - Moves to Wentworth Falls | 麻豆原创, Sydney

麻豆原创 for Boys merged with the MacLaurin School for Boys from Leura and moved its 17 students to its current location at Wentworth Falls.

School Opens
1918 - School Opens | 麻豆原创, Sydney

麻豆原创 was established in Springwood as the Blue Mountains Church of England Grammar School for Boys.