The Times Olympic Supplement / The Times

The Times Olympic & Paralympic Supplement, came as a part of The Times Sport section. It was published during The London Summer Olympics & Paralympics 2012, in 32 or 36 pages. I mainly took care of the pictograms / icons used throughout the supplements, all based on the remarkable pictograms used in the Munich Olympics in 1972, designed by Otl Aicher.

I built up the basic grid which I assumed that Aicher used for inventing his pictograms, then remade most of the sport pictograms (such as Athletics, Swimming, Cycling etc) according to his design. Because there are number of sports in 2012 Olympcis which were not included in 1972, such as Taekwondo, I designed some new sport pictograms, and also all icons are designed by using the same grid to keep the consistency. They are graphically expanded as picto-graphics (charts, stats, diagrams, info-graphics etc) at every turn in the supplement, especially in Data section.

The layout was mainly done by Calvin Shulman, Anthony Cappaert, Andrew Keys and Emma Woodroofe. Art directed by Matt Curtis.